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Calvin, Betfield, Weare, Warren,
Luther, Clement, Harvey, Orrin,
Betsey, Jane and Mary Ann,
The Old Women, the Old Man.

(Poem from the 1st Reunion held 1903)

Welcome! This site represents the  Sawyer Family Association, first formed in 1903.  To keep track of and get together the surviving members, descendants and connections of the above branch of the Sawyer Family.  The 'Old Man' is Thomas Sawyer, son of Betfield who went "up North" to New Chester (now Hill) NH in 1798/99. Reunions were apparently held yearly until 1927. In 1981 they were restarted in Kensington, NH by descendants of Calvin living in the area. Descendants and interested persons are invited to join the Association and meet with us.

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