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Welcome to the Descendants of Betfield Sawyer Web Site!

The web site was created at the request of the Sawyer Family Association (first formed in 1903) to keep track of and get together with the surviving members, descendants, and connections of the Sawyer Family.

Web Site Charter

The Sawyer Family Association:

bulletHas final approval on web content
bulletHas amassed the content of this site through individual contributions. The content is not the sole property of the Sawyer Family Association.

This site:

bulletIs intended to help convey family news, events, family items of interest, and family history
bulletIs not an official genealogy web site
bulletIs for informational purposes only
bulletIs a registered .NET domain. Commercial activities may not be conducted through the site

We welcome notes, comments and corrections to any material posted from both family members and other interested parties, especially if you are able to provide references for your information.

You do not need to have complete information in order to make a contribution. In many cases, people who post material do so in the hope that the detail will be filled in by other contributors.

Due to limited server size and focus of the site, we may be unable to post some contributions.

                                                                        First posted October 16, 2002
                                                                     Last modified February 22, 2009
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