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Betfield Sawyer Line
Betfield Sawyer Line Family Photos


Thomas Sawyer Line


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Betfield Sawyer 1774-1835
    First Generation

        Link on the left is to Thomas Sawyer (1796-1862) Family Line, son of Betfield

Tall monument in Newbury, MA erected by descendants of first setlers.  On the right is close up of the plaque, naming William Sawyer (emigrated in 1636)  and eight other Sawyer ancestors


Betfield Sawyer first owned land in section 17 (bottom r, about 2/3 over from the left)

                      Images thanks to: Jay Norwalk

Betfield Sawyer 1774 - 1835 Hannah Thompson Sawyer, daughter of Thomas and Judith (Blaidsell) Thompson, wife of Betfield Sawyer 1776 - 1847

 Images thanks to: Al Sawyer

Betfield Sawyer Family Cemetery, Hill, NH June 1995
Betfield and Hannah's grave are the two on the left
Map to Sawyer Cemetery (the book "Descendants of Betfield Sawyer of Hill" has detailed driving directions for this map)

                 Images thanks to: Jay Norwalk

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