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Martha Lockard needs your help!

Sawyer Coat of Arms: Is there a true Sawyer Crest?

For next June’s reunion in New Hampshire, I’d like to do something with a Sawyer family crest, perhaps print up some copies for interested Sawyers, perhaps use an image of a crest for notecards… Take a look at these three versions from various sources and see what you think (Also, If you have any information on the significance of specific parts of the crests, such as the clam shells, I’d be interested.)

Coat of Arms #1

#1 This was drawn by Amy Duncan of Brunswick, Maine.  As is true with many versions of Sawyer crests, it has "3 clam shells, a knight’s helmet, and a roll of silk with a hawk’s head on the top." (from The Sawyer Genealogy Homepage." 

Coat of Arms #2

#2 This one's a little different: It is "blue with a chequered cold and black horizontal stripe between three silver birds known as seapies. The dog is a Talbot Guardant Proper."  (from The Sawyer Genealogy Homepage)

Coat of Arms #3

#3 This one has information contributed by Andrew F. Donnell. The crest has the three clam shells, the knight's helmet, and the hawk's head.  The text which accompanies it (below):
"The first of the Sawyer family in New England were two brothers, Thomas and Edward. Born in Lincolnshire, England, they came to Boston in 1636. They were the sons of John S. Sawyer, a farmer in Lincolnshire.

"Thomas settled in Rowley in 1639. Later he was one of the first settlers In Lancaster in 1647.

"Edward settled in Ipswich but after a short time made his home in Rowley where his brother Thomas lived.

"Edmund came to Ipswich in 1637 and moved to York, Maine, before 1661.

"William, brother of Thomas and Edward, born in England in 1643, came to Salem in 1640. He was at Wenham in 1645 and moved after a few years to Newbury.

"Robert appears on the records of Hampton, N.H., in 1640.

"Henry was at Haverhill in 1646, the next year in Hampton, N.H., and moved to York, Maine, in 1676.

"John was married in Marshfield in 1666.

"James was at Ipswich in 1669 and moved to Gloucester in 1677."

Many of these dates and places are questionable. I’d love it if you would verify or correct any information from my sources!

… Read what I have learned about each one and send me your comments (please reference the coat of arms number) and/or your own information on these or other versions of a Sawyer coat of arms.


                                                                        First posted October 16, 2002
                                                                     Last modified February 22, 2009
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