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Jay Norwalk's Web Site
Sawyer Genealogy Book by Jay Norwalk   Probably not many people have yet heard about the recent second edition to Jay's 1995 book. This fine book is unquestionably the best book in print about this branch of the Sawyer family.
Descendants of Betfield Sawyer of Hill, N.H. - Second Edition,
A Continuation of the Work of Roland Douglas Sawyer, by Jay Norwalk, 1940- , 2001, Newcastle, ME. : Axion Press, c2001, 214 pages. Includes very little new data, but greatly improved maps, charts, many new black and white photographs, greatly improved photo and graphics quality. Library of Congress Catalog number: 97-07361. ISBN number 1-892446-03-0. Hard cover only. Price of $50

(Jay Norwalk can be reached at his website Axionpress or email at jay@Axionpress.com)


Family Search
Free genealogy software found under the 'Software Download' page


Link to the Ancestors section of the PBS website (apparently from a BYU special) - good source of forms


Roland D. Sawyer Weblistings
A very comprehensive listing of Roland D Sawyer's papers that were donated to the University of New Hampshire - down the box.

Political Graveyard websites - "The Internet's Most Comprehensive Source of U.S. Political Biography,
or, The Web Site That Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried"
Roland's political bio is about mid-page down.


Various Sawyer Family Websites
We may -or- may not be related .....






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